so yesterday “Santa” left a HUGE package on the porch… its wonderful ! Thank you for a great (and inspired) job. Looking forward to the next project, maybe another horse head, looking down. Hope you’re taking some much deserved time off… I’d love to see the final result of the frog bathroom you were working on a while ago.

Rory O’Brien

“Joe, I know you’ve been working more with Tim and Alexis from my team but I wanted to say thanks again for your amazing installation at Westfield Mall. As we start to move out, I wanted to reconnect you with Casey Dell from Salesforce to discuss future use of the Blaze structure. Because Casey negotiated the contract with you she will be best suited to talk through where and how Blaze might be used again in the future. You really created an amazing work of art that became one of the highlights across all of Dreamforce. Thanks again for being a part of our week. Looking forward to working with you again.

Dear Joe, Thanks so much for coming to my rescue with Sprinkles and the tiger! (Lion/Baboon) I enjoyed the experience of seeing your workshop and all of your endeavors you have going on. It was exciting to see what “a day in the life of Topiary Joe” was like.  Anyway, Thanks again!”

Ann Daigh