Hi! My name is Joe


I created a position with a Danish horticultural company introducing hydroponics to the U.S. and Canada through a project at Disney World. After seeing some of the topiary sculptures that they were building at the Tree Farm, I asked if I could subcontract for them stuffing and planting – knowing that I had to make them right. After learning a few tricks there, My father showed me how to bend and weld the steel to form curves and shapes to make the topiary frames.

I want my designs to be accurate and have movement to them. The type of plants used depends largely on the region and country the topiary will Live. We love seeing live plants used, and encourage different plantings. If that does not work…we are Experts with fake foliage such as artificial boxwood, which has UV inhibitors built in.

It has been an honor building for Many fine people in this World. The main thing is to make kids smile. Try a little Happiness.